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Photo of Jaron Samson Breland.


Hello Friend! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I hope you're keeping well and getting on; all of that stuff. If you have a look around here, you'll find a brief bio (I don't particularly enjoy writing them, so I apologize if it seems half-hearted), my music, some photos of days gone by, a page with the history of the Métis, and a contact page, in case you need to borrow some sugar.  However it is that you came to be here, please know that I am deeply grateful for your visit. See you further up the road!

Jaron Samson Breland

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Latest Releases

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A Métis Man & Another Métis Man

A Métis Man & Another Métis Man marked a new chapter in both my personal life & my music career. Early in pre-production, I understood that I would need to produce the album myself; to take the helm of the ship. Why? I wanted to challenge myself and to see if I could capture the sound of the songs in my head in any remotely satisfying way. The risk of self-production, of course, is that if the outcome is rubbish, there is no one else to blame! Scary stuff. Thankfully, I'm delighted with the result.


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